Sunday, November 4, 2007

Oh Baby!

Hello all ~
I finally have enough energy to sit at the computer and get out of bed, yeah! It has been a very long week, I think percocet had a lot to do with that. :) I am sure that most of you have heard the story by now but because I didn't get to tell anyone myself I am going to now. Monday last week was when it all began, about 9 am the long awaited contractions began about 8 minutes apart. After waiting all day for David to get off work I finally broke down and called him at 2 pm and told him to get home. We timed the contractions at 3-5 minutes apart til about 4 and decided it was time to go to the hospital. Arriving at about 4:30 I got hooked up to the monitors and began the long process. They don't officially admit you until you have been monitored for a time. Well that "time" ended up being over 2 hours, because even though I was having consistant contractions I was only dialated to a 2 and not moving anywhere fast. Finally at 6 we were admitted and I could finally get some pain meds. First they had to give me an I.V. that in my opinion was the worst part, it took them 20 minutes and two sticks to finally find a vein. Then came the epidural.......oh my heaven. Within a minute I was feeling almost no pain, my midwife decided to let me go 2 hours longer to see if I would dialate quicker having less pain. Well at 9:30 I had progressed to a whopping 3 centemeters. They decided to break my water at that point and that's when it all fell apart. Dallen did not like having his warm bath taken away from him, his heart rate normally beating between 130 and 160 was shooting all over the scale and dropping as low as 77. They had the doctors ready to do a C-section right then but wanted to see if he would stablize which after a long while he did. I however was getting warn out with each contraction my body was shaking uncontrolably like really big shivers. At 4 am I snuck a drink of water from my dad........stupid! I then threw up all over myself it was probably the most gracefull moment of my life, not. At 5 they decided to give me pitocin because after 20 hrs of labor I was only dialated to a 5 1/2. Well Dallen started to drop his heart rate again. So at 6 am it was time to take me in for a C-section. They started the actual surgery at 6:40 and he was born at 6:47. The most amazing part was hearing him cry for the first time. David went and took pics and brought them right back so I could see him. About 2 hours after delivery I had my little precious one in my arms. So that is the Dallen story and I am sorry for the book but hey. The recovery is going well and I hope to be up and active soon. For now here are some pictures from the hospital. Maybe you guys can figure out who he looks like. :)

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